Do you Ship?
MFTL Co. is an online store only (for now) so that's all I do! I ship anywhere in Canada and the USA. Orders are packed and shipped Tuesdays - Thursdays. Cut off time for orders to go out on Thursday is 11am. Orders placed after that time will go out the following week.  I ship with Canada Post (this is the cheapest option out there I promise) and once I pack your order you will receive a notification with a tracking number for your order. Expedited Shipping deliveries occur 1-7 business days after a shipping notification is received. If you did not receive a shipping notification (or an order confirmation) please reach out! You probably provided an incorrect email address when you placed the order.

What's sizing like? 
Unless otherwise stated, everything is unisex. PLEASE check measurements below each image before ordering to ensure you're picking the right size. If you're unsure, reach out to me and I'll do my best to recommend a size. Exchanges are expensive as I do not cover shipping for them. Exchanges are also not great for the environment. Taking a little extra time and care in choosing a size is in yours and the planets best interest.

Do you have _____ in any other colours or on any other types of clothing? 
I promise I don't hide product in my house from you! (That wouldn't be a great way to go about business) I have what you see in the online store. 


Do you create custom apparel? 
Unfortunately I don't. Because I don't print the apparel myself it's just too complicated and too expensive to do this in small batches. In general though, it's just also not something I want to get into. The time it would take would not be worth the small amount of income. And as a single income person, I have to put what's going to pay my rent ahead of everything else.


Are you looking for any Brand Ambassadors or Partnerships? 
I'm not looking for any Brand Ambassadors. 


Will you be restocking _______ anytime soon?
You can sign up to receive a notification when you select the product and colour you're looking for that may be out of stock. As soon as it's back in stock you will get and email letting you know! I do not know restocks dates / times.

Can you draw _______ Lake / river / pond please?
I have a long list of reasons and explanations for why I wont draw certain lakes. But maybe the best thing to say is, if it's not a well known or a popular lake and if 60+ people aren't going to buy the map it's just not worth the time and money investment. I'm sorry!  

Do you do take requests for custom Maps?
I am no longer working on custom maps. 

Where is your store located? 
I do not have an actual store location. My shop is online and run out of a small office in Port Severn. 


Do you offer Local Pick?
During the cottage season (April-October), I offer dockside pickup to people on Go Home Lake. Go Home Lake is mostly a boat access only lake so pick up to a none GHL resident wouldn't be possible (unless you brought a boat and dropped it in) 

For some very personal reasons, I do not offer local pickup from my home or office, because feeling safe and comfortable in my own home is number 1 on my list (yes it's even more important than sales). I'm sure any other human being would agree. I also do not offer meetups for locals. In the past I've tried this and was canceled last minute countless times or just straight up had no shows. 

This company has grown a lot and I'm insanely grateful for that, but I can't even begin to imagine what organizing pick ups and meetups for a zillion people would be like. 

If you don't want to pay for shipping, maybe ask a few friends if they'd like to go in on an order with you. I cover the costs of shipping on my end if the order is over $125.