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Do you Ship?
MFTL Co. is an online store only (for now) so that's all I do! I ship anywhere in Canada and the USA. Orders are packed 1-3 business days after they are placed. I ship with Canada Post and once I pack your order you will receive a notification with tracking number for your order. Expedited Shipping is 1-7 business days after a notification is received. 


What's sizing like? 
Unless otherwise stated, everything is unisex. Below each image you'll find measurements and some instructions on how to best find your fit.


Do you create custom apparel? 
Unfortunately I don't. Because I don't print the apparel myself it's just too complicated and too expensive to do this in small batches. However if you are a company looking for a large quantity of custom apparel I'm definitely open to chatting about it!


Do you have _____ in any other colours or on any other types of clothing? 
I promise I don't hide product in my house from you! (That wouldn't be a great way to go about business) I have what you see in the online store. 

Are you looking for any Brand Ambassadors or Partnerships? 
Right now I'm not looking for any Brand Ambassadors but I'm open to hear about collabs/partnerships.

Will you be restocking _______ anytime soon?
All restocks are always announced through my newsletter and through my instagram account. I'm a small company with a small bank account so things take me a little longer to restock than a large company. 

Will you be drawing other lakes in Ontario?
I'm always working on a map or two on the side. I pick the map to draw based on the amount of requests for that lake. 


Do you do take requests for custom Maps?
*Right now custom map requests are closed.* Cost depends on size / printing style / level of customizations /level of detail / complication of lake you request. They start at $350 + Tax. (Price: includes 1 fine art print version of the map)

Where is your store located? 
Unfortunately I do not have an actual store location. My shop is online only right now. But I sell at a markets sometimes and those dates/locations are always announced through instagram.

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