Shipping Delays + COVID


*I'm now requiring all customers to confirm that they understand that there could be extreme shipping delays (4-8 weeks) with Canada Post, from the time I send out your parcel to the time you receive it. These delays are out of my control and are only related to Canada Post. Made For The Lake Co. is a separate business and has no further details on shipments beyond what is provided through the tracking number given by Canada Post.

Hi Friends,

I'm getting a lot of emails & DMs about parcels not being delivered by a certain time and I figured the fastest way for me to explain why is to create a whole page for it.

Even with restrictions loosening up, COVID is still very much present and still very much affecting businesses and how they operate. Below is a gentle reminder about why things are so delayed.

Canada Post is experiencing volumes of packages equivalent to the holidays (which is a lot). They are also working with less employees (typically they hire extra for the holidays) while they abide by important safety measures during this pandemic. They are working hard & they are working overtime right now to get your packages out there. I've had packages get delivered on weekends which is not a normal thing for Canada Post. 

Yes it is normal (right now) for tracking to have not been updated in weeks. I of course am not 100% sure why (I do not work for Canada Post) but I believe that there are just so many parcels right now that they are sometimes missing scans. 

*Knock on wood* I have yet to have a parcel go missing since I started in 2018. 

As a small business owner during these insanely uncertain times I am incredibly grateful that Canada Post employees continue to work. Without them, I'd have no business / no income / no way to feed my dog / no way to pay my rent.

I do not have more info on where your package is other than what is shown with your tracking. Canada Post is a completely separate business from my own. I simply give them money to take parcels aways from my front step and bring them to you.

Switching shipping providers is not something I'm wanting to do as Canada Post is the cheapest option out there (even though it may feel expensive)

I appreciate your patience on this so very very much, I promise it's stressing me out more than you know, but there's truly nothing more to do other than wait and be kind about having to wait. 

Thank you so dang much for supporting mine and other small businesses during these uncertain times,