Do you Ship?
MFTL Co. is an online store only so that's all I do! I ship anywhere in Canada and the USA. Orders are typically packed and shipped Tuesdays - Thursdays. Cut off time for orders to go out in the same week is Thursday is 11am. Orders placed after that time will go out the following week. I ship with Canada Post (this is the cheapest option out there I promise) and once I pack your order you will receive a notification with a tracking number for your order. Expedited Shipping deliveries occur 1-7 business days after a shipping notification is received. If you did not receive a shipping notification (or an order confirmation) double check your junk email box before reaching out. Or it could be that you probably provided an incorrect email address when you placed the order. If you don't want to pay for shipping, maybe ask a few friends if they'd like to go in on an order with you. I cover the costs of shipping on my end if the order is over $175 in Canada 

Will you be restocking _______ anytime soon?
I order and restock things in small batches, this helps to ensure there isn't too much extra product sitting on the shelves. You'll find in the descriptions of some items a note stating that item wont be back. But if you'd like to see something restocked, be sure to sign up for the restock notification of that item (Select the size + colour) and a box appears to sign up. This helps me gauge what I should restock. 


What's sizing like? 
Unless otherwise stated, everything is gender neutral. Please check measurements below each product image before ordering to ensure you're picking the right size. Returns are expensive as I do not cover shipping for them. Larger companies can afford to cover this cost as they can negotiate rates with shipping businesses, small ones can not. Larger companies also have much bigger profit margins because they produce products in larger quantities, so they have the ability to cover shipping and still come out with profit. That being said, even a company as big as Artizia doesn't cover the cost of an exchange. Paying for shipping is just the reality of the way this online shipping world works. 


Do you create custom apparel? 
Unfortunately I don't. I'm so sorry! Because I don't print the apparel myself it's just too complicated and too expensive to do this in small batches. My printers require a minimum order, even then the price point is just too high to offer as an option. In general though, it's just also not something I want to get into. Being a one person run business it’s just not possible for me to accommodate this.


Are you looking for any Brand Ambassadors or Partnerships? 
I'm not looking for any official Brand Ambassadors, however I truly appreciate anyone who hypes up the brand simply because they wish to support a small business. You’re amazing <3


Buck & Doe / Money raising wedding events
Absolutely no. Please don't ask me to donate so you can raise money for a wedding especially if you don't follow my business or if you've never made a purchase. Why would I support you if you don't support me? I've only done this once, and it was for a customer turned friend who had placed 10+ orders. 


Where is your store located? 
I do not have an actual store location. My shop is online and run out of a small office in Orillia. For Safety and security reasons I do not allow customers to come to my office or home and I prefer to not do in person meetups. Thank you for understanding!


Do you offer Local Pick?

If you’d like to Pick Up from a local shop near by (Blossom Plants & Goods), please see all details / instructions on my instagram profile saved in my story highlights under "Pick Up Info" Give them a good read, all of your questions are answered there.