Pre-Auth Info

I get this inquiry so often I've created a page to answer the question!

Only orders that receive a Confirmation Number (after clicking buy) & a Order Number (through your email) go through. If you had difficulty checking out you are probably seeing a Pre-Authorization charge on your card. 

That charge is just a Pre-authorization charge and will go away within 24-48 hours, depending on your bank and time of day the order attempt was made.
Pre-authorization charges are like when you go to the gas pump and pre-auth $200 but only use $130, but you'll see the pre-auth charge on your card still for a short period of time. 

If you had difficulty checking out, one of the reasons may be your billing address. There is a security feature on the site that requires your billing address to be exactly what your bank has on file. Including small things like St. vs Street. 

If you’re able to enter the correct Credit Card Info / Billing Info, you will not be charged again. It will simply complete the Pre-Auth Charge you’re a seeing.

In the odd case, Visa Debits / Amex also won’t work on the site. Unfortunately this is something I don’t have any control over. 

I promise I don't receive any money unless the order fully goes through.

If you're checking your online banking on your mobile device, sometimes that information is not updated as frequently as your desktop banking. Please keep that in mind when you are viewing your online statements. This is information directly provided by the bank.